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  • Jaspar The Dreamy Elephant
Jaspar The Dreamy Elephant Jaspar The Dreamy Elephant

Jaspar's unique 20 minute 'voice recording function'means that your baby can be soothed by your voice, no matter where you are, easing separation anxiety for your baby and allowing you to have a well deserved and hassle free break from your little one. Jaspar also has a smart,inbuilt cry sensor  to  detect if your little one wakes prematurely and will play the last sound used to help your little one drift off to sleep again meaning you also get your rest and recuperation.

Jaspar has been designed to help facilitate the best sleep environment for your baby - his'six soothing white and pink noise sounds mimic the sounds experienced in the womb, and his warm red tummy'light is scientifically proven to help induce sleep. The crisp and clear white and pink noise sounds on Jaspar all play for 45 minutes unlike most other sleep aids which only play for 20-30 minutes which means you can leave Jaspar to work his magic in helping your little one to drift off to sleep without you having to turn the sound on again. 


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