Maternity Sports Leggings

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Maternity Sports Leggings

Jorgen House

The Maternity Sports Leggings by Jorgen House® are engineered to adapt and support the changing states of womanhood.

Made from an environmentally-sustainable recycled Nylon, these leggings are designed to grow with you from pre-natal to post, through motherhood and beyond.

Crafted in a seamless knit, targeted compression zones provide support with an adaptive knit to allow for growth.

Whether it’s the change in shape you go through maternity, or the change in mood from home comfort to the school run, we flex with you


  • First Trimester
  • Second Trimester
  • Third Trimester
  • Fourth Trimester (0-3 months)
  • ExCeL
  • Sustainable
  • New
  • Clothing (Maternity)
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