Nourishing Tums & Boobs Stretch mark Massage oil

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Nourishing Tums & Boobs Stretch mark Massage oil



?Award winning Stretch Mark Oil will maintain your skin's natural elasticity helping prevent stretch marks

?Absorbs allowing your skin to stretch as your baby grows

?Leaves no oil residue on the skin

?Controls that itchy feeling on your bump as your skin stretches'

?Uplifting fragrance ' Motherlylove Tums & Breast Stretch Mark Oil has a citrus fragrance that is known to reduce that sick feeling and helps with those anxious moments.

Use this'award winning'soothing natural plant based oil, it will moisturise, hydrate and nourish your skin to maintain its natural elasticity.

Get to 'know' your unborn baby'as he/she grows whilst massaging your bump


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