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Owlet Monitor Duo


Offering the intelligence of both the Smart Sock 3 and Cam 2, the Owlet Duo combines both monitors in the ideal bundle. Tracking the most important aspects of your baby's health, through their heart rate and oxygen levels, while seeing and hearing your baby through your phone, the Owlet Duo is the smartest solution for peace of mind.

Smart Sock 3:

  • Innovative design, the Smart Sock is the smartest baby monitor, using pulse-oximetry technology proven to be both safe and accurate.
  • Tested pre-set zones, if your baby dips out of these zones you will be notified through the base station and mobile app.
  • Free mobile app, accessible on any device. Pair this up with your base station, and you can check on your baby's live readings anywhere with Wi-Fi!
  • Use the sleep history feature on the app to see how well your baby slept, and create new routines as your baby grows.
  • No messing around with wires, the sensor can be charged wireless via a convenient drop-and-go on the Base Station. The sensor has a 16 hour battery, and a full charge in 90 mins.

Cam 2:

  • Streams secure 1080p HD video and audio.
  • See baby clearly with 4x zoom, wide-angle view, and night vision.
  • Watch video clips with sound, motion, and cry notifications.
  • View temperature and humidity readings.
  • Use your phone for other apps with background audio running.
  • Use two-way audio talk to stay connected to baby and soothe them from anywhere.


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