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Purer Rage Superfood Collagen


Purer Rage Superfood Collagen

Combining the science of superfoods with collagen to create a superior formulation which enhances the absorption and formation of collagen in the body.'

This product is designed to promote hydration and to strength ligaments and joints.'

It is suitable for those who have had operative deliveries and provides the building blocks for healthy scar formation.

It is also suitable for older mothers due to the hydrating effects of hyaluronic acid or for those wanting to reduce the appearance of stretch marks

Our products are formulated with high quality hydrolysed collagen peptides from the purest sources to provide maximal absorption beyond what can be absorbed from normal foods

  • Hyaluronic acid is a key component in the formation and hydration of cartilage and skin.'
  • Hyaluronic is used to treat scars in the medical field'
  • Hyaluronic supports bone and skeletal health.'
  • Vitamin D boosts bone health further as it promotes the absorption of calcium into bones.'
  • Vitamin D is needed to make the hormone serotonin which is vital for reduce postpartum mood disorders
  • Vitamin C is also important for a strong immune system which is vital in postpartum recovery'
  • Vitamin C is well known for its skin enhancing affects and cell repair as well as increasing the ability to deal with stress as the body transitions into motherhood
  • Contains glycine which is important for healthy brain function


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