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10 Oct 2023

PurerMama Essence Capsule


Team - A Pregnancy range designed by a leading UK consultant obstetrician ' award holder - 2021 ghp Global Excellence awards ' Most trusted Obstetrics and Gynaecology consultant, London (Research, Translation,''Commercialisation).'

Frustrated at the lack of an innovative pregnancy supplement which was up to date with research and met the needs of the mothers ' They decided to create their own to meet the needs of mothers and developed this in line with new research.

Their fundamental approach was to recognise work in the field of epigenetics ' the study of what nutritional components switch on healthy genes in pregnancy.

The levels of iron are higher than in traditional pregnancy supplements. Iron is vital in avoiding anaemia in pregnancy which can put mothers at higher risk of requiring a blood transfusion after delivery

  • We have created a range to fill the common nutritional gaps
  • It is the first UK pregnancy multivitamin to contain the recommended amount of essential choline vital for brain development'
  • Choline is required to help the baby to respond to stress, protect against chronic disease and support brain development. It also enhances brain processing speed. In addition, it is important in placental growth and function.'
  • It also contains a higher dose of iron to help prevent tiredness and anaemia occurring during pregnancy
  • It contains a higher dose of vitamin D which is important in the baby's bone health'
  • It contains magnesium which supports sleep'
  • It also contains thiamine which combats nausea in some women.
  • Our combinations are made to strengthen women in pregnancy, protect and enhance immunity and nurture the growing baby.
  • For optimal absorption, with have used capsules which maintain the nutrients without the use of caking agents.'

We are here to make a positive impact to the lives of mothers and their babies using up to date research.


  • Sustainable
  • Made in Britain
  • Healthcare and Wellbeing
  • Parenting Advice
  • Pregnancy Advice
  • First Trimester
  • Second Trimester
  • Third Trimester
  • Fourth Trimester (0-3 months)
  • ExCeL
  • NEC
  • Olympia
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