Teaching Your Child to Sleep

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Teaching Your Child to Sleep

Piccoline Parenting and Childcare Education

Confused about all the different ways to teach your child to sleep? We don't blame you!


Despite all of the information out there, trying to decide which method is right for you can be a challenge! In this 90 minute workshop, we'll explore:


  • Eight of the major methods.

  • What they entail

  • Their pros and cons

  • Exactly how to do each one

  • Routines

  • Some of the science behind sleep training

  • How to handle disruptions

  • The dreaded 45 minute intruder

  • And more.


You can purchase just the class, or add emails or a follow-up consultation* to help guide you through the process. Soon, you'll be saying hello to a better night's sleep for your whole family!


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