Expectant & New Parent Wellness: Balancing Fitness & Well-Being

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Expectant & New Parent Wellness: Balancing Fitness & Well-Being

22 Oct 2023

As an expectant or new mum, we often put other’s needs ahead of our own. But how can we expect to be the best mum we can be, without looking after our own health and wellbeing?

This informative talk is a guided journey into the world of prenatal and postnatal health and wellbeing. Expert panelists Melinda Nicci, Charlotte Stirling-Reed and Vern Hill share their wisdom and experience to provide invaluable insights for expectant parents and new mothers and fathers. From maintaining fitness and nutrition during pregnancy to postpartum recovery and self-care, this discussion covers every aspect of this remarkable life phase.

The panelists, each a specialist in their field, address the holistic approach to pregnancy and postpartum wellness. Key topics include safe exercises, nutrition, mental health, and practical tips for a healthy, balanced journey into parenthood.

Listeners will gain a deeper understanding of the physical and emotional aspects of pregnancy and postpartum life, along with actionable advice on how to prioritise their own wellbeing while caring for their newborns.

Lucy Piper, Baby Show Live Talks Stage Presenter
Melinda Nicci, CEO & Founder - Baby2Body
Vern Hill - Carifit
Charlotte Stirling-Reed, The Baby and Child Nutritionist - SR Nutrition
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