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Dr Robert Titzer

Dr Robert Titzer

Infant Researcher, The Infant Learning Company
United States

Infant researcher Dr. Robert Titzer developed a system to enhance infants' language skills.

Dr. Titzer began developing his multisensory learning methodology for his own babies more than 30 years ago. His approach has been used by millions of parents and nursery schoolteachers around the world to teach babies, toddlers, and preschoolers language skills.

His method is sometimes referred to as one of the world's foremost early learning approaches and thousands of trained preschool teachers use his techniques to help children learn written and spoken languages in preschools on six continents. Dr. Titzer earned his Ph.D. in Human Performance at Indiana University working in infant development laboratories conducting theoretical studies about how babies learn. At Indiana University, he taught his own babies written language at the same time they were learning to understand and say words.

He is the creator of the Your Baby Can and Your Child Can programmes. Dr. Titzer has published research in top journals and has appeared on The Richard & Judy Show, CNN International, Good Morning America, Sky News, Channel News Asia, Talk Vietnam, The David and Kim Show (Australia), Canada AM, Channel 5 (UK), UTV (Ireland), The Five-Thirty Show (Scotland), and thousands of other TV broadcasts.



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    14 Apr 2024 Dr Robert Titzer




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