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Jenni Dunman

Jenni Dunman

CEO, Daisy First Aid

Daisy First Aid CEO, Jenni Dunman, who is considered a paediatric first aid expert, has grown her business from tabletop to a multi-award-winning franchise, with trainers running their own successful Daisy businesses UK-wide. When researching suitable first aid training classes Jenni found that parents were restricted to longer certified classes aimed at the corporate market who often showed frightening videos and told distressing stories. Jenni felt she wanted to educate parents in a way that made them feel happy, confident, and empowered rather than terrified and intimidated. Jenni has been featured in numerous publications, has a huge celebrity parents portfolio, and volunteers her time at many national charity events.

She will be providing advice and demonstrations on weaning, choking, febrile seizures, burns, and child home safety




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    24 Feb 2023 Jenni Dunman of Daisy First Aid



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