Sarah Almond-Bushell

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Sarah Almond-Bushell

Sarah Almond-Bushell

Dietitian, Feeding Therapist, The Children's Nutritionist

Sarah Almond Bushell is an international award-winning Registered Dietitian & Feeding Therapist with 25 years of expertise in paediatrics. 

She is an author, speaker, and ex-NHS Consultant Paediatric Dietitian. 

She is founder of The Children’s Nutritionist Limited.

Sarah's aim with The Children’s Nutritionist™ is to help parents fix their child’s fussy eating by tapping into sensory and the psychology of feeding, so that mealtimes become stress free happy family times. She also has an extensive blog that reaches 150,000 people every single month.

Sarah is a mum of two teenagers, who were both fussy eaters when they were young, who inspired her to specialise in this area.


Sarah Almond Bushell MPhil, Bsc (Hons) RD

Registered Dietitian & SOS Professional Feeding Therapist


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