Products On Show

Products On Show

Try, compare and buy a huge range of baby products!


With so many baby and newborn products available, where can you see, try and choose the right ones for your family?

The Baby Show is your one-stop shop to try, compare, and buy from a huge range of products in person, all under one roof.

From buggiespushchairsstrollers, and doublescar seats, carriers and slings; to accessories, art and photography, bathing, changing, clothes, food, furniture, nursery furnishing, gifts, organic, safety, skincare, sleep, technology and toys.

A huge range of brands and retailers are exhibiting at the show, including the UK's top brands as well as many boutiques and online stores that are not on the high street.

Tickets are now available for The Baby Show NEC Birmingham and Manchester Central



Featured Ranges



One of the most difficult products to buy without seeing it first is a buggy, pram, or stroller.

Do you like the design? Can you fold it down? Will it fit in your car? What is it like to use? How heavy is it? How much storage is there? And more.

Answer these questions and many more by seeing the huge range at The Baby Show!



car seats

Few baby products are more complicated and important to get right than the car seat.

A huge range is available and the one that best suits your needs will vary depending on the age of your baby, the detailed specifics of your car, and your budget.

The UK’s top brands and retailers will be on hand at The Baby Show to walk you through the process of finding the best car seat for you.




There are many types of baby carriers and narrowing down the right one can be difficult.

All types of carrier will be on display including wraps, carriers and ring slings, but the right one for you will depend on the size and age of your baby and what you find comfortable to wear.

Not only can you view what is on show, but fitting services are available too, so you can really see which ones are best suited to you.


"We have many other maternity, newborn, and baby products on show too,

From accessories, art and photography, bathing, changing & nursery furnishing

To furniture, gifts, organic, safety, skincare, sleep, technology & toys"

Brand highlights

Brands at The Baby Show

Our exhibitors vary from small boutiques to online stores and those not on the high street, as well as all the top well-known brands you would expect. See some of the brands we typically have on show.

Products on show

Products at The Baby Show

See some of the products we typically have on show.


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Frequently asked questions

Q. What products will be on show?

A. At all of the Baby Shows there will be 1000’s of maternity, newborn, and baby products on show:

Q. Why go to a baby show to find products rather than simply buy online?

A. There are three main reasons:

  1. Test & Try - at a show you get the opportunity to test and try all products to narrow down those that are most suitable for you. This is especially important for larger items such as prams and car seats which must be easy to use, the right size, and many other features which you can best determine in person.

  2. Get Advice - with all sorts of conflicting information online, at The Baby Show, there will be a wide range of specialists that can help you decide on the right products for your needs.

  3. One-Stop-Shop – many visitors to The Baby Show simply turn up with a long shopping list, so they can get most of what they need in one visit, which can be a lot quicker than buying everything individually online. 

Q. Are products on show more expensive than if I bought online?

A. At the show you will find numerous Baby Show exclusive offers:

  • All exhibitors are aware that you can be looking for cheaper options online immediately after visiting their stand, so many offer excellent ‘show only exclusive deals’ to make buying at the show a great option for most people.

Q. How do I get the products I’ve bought at the show home? Do retailers offer delivery?

A. Via retailer delivery:

  • Retailer delivery – some retailers will offer a home delivery service for items purchased at the show.

Q. If I buy a product at a show, do I have the same consumer rights as if I had bought online or in a shop?

A. Yes!

  • You have exactly the same consumer rights under the ‘Consumer Rights Act 2015’ as you had purchased an item online or at a physical shop.

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