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Our shows are the home to the UK's leading parenting and baby experts ready to share their knowledge.

The Live Talks Stages hosts free expert talks, panel discussions, and celebrity Q&As throughout the shows.

Depending on the show, we also aim to hold smaller more intimate advice sessions on topics such as feeding options, combination feeding, and baby massage.

So if you are looking for advice from real people, The Baby Show is the place for you.

Whether you want to start prepping for birth, find solutions to common sleep issues, learn life-saving first aid skills, get breastfeeding off to a great start or find support for your mental health.

We have your back!

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Wide range of topics

Baby Feeding

Our Live Talks Stages host free talks, panel discussions, and celebrity Q&As throughout the show.

Whether you want to start prepping for birth, find solutions to common sleep issues, learn life-saving first aid skills, find support for your mental health, or get tips for weaning, there will be a useful talk for you.


Huge range of specialists

First Aid Talk

We specialise in pulling together the UK's leading baby and parenting experts all under one roof.

Whilst speakers do vary from show to show, we look to have a wide range of subject experts in topics such as pregnancy, birth, parenting, mental health, wellbeing, sleep, baby-led weaning and more.


Q. What talks will you have at the show?

A. These do vary depending on the specific speakers at each show, but to give you an idea, these are some of the titles of past talks:

  • How to Spot When Your Baby is Unwell
  • Baby First Aid with Daisy First Aid
  • MadeForMums Buggy Buying Guide
  • What Causes the Highs and Lows of Breastfeeding?
  • Newborn Sleep: What You Need to Know
  • Preparing your Body for Labour
  • Feel-Good Food Hacks for Pregnancy and Beyond
  • The Fourth Trimester (What They DON’T Tell You!)
  • How to Talk to Babies and Toddlers to Enhance Language Skills
  • How to Have a Successful Start to Breastfeeding
  • Weaning Mini Masterclass
  • Shaping Sleep from Birth to Four Months
  • Pregnancy and Parenthood, Riding the Emotional Rollercoaster
  • Tools and Techniques to Support you During Labour and Birth



Q. How long do the talks last?

A. The talks are typically 30-45 minutes depending on the topic and the speaker.



Q. Can I get 1-2-1 consultations?

A.  1-2-1 consultations cannot be guaranteed at all shows, though when available sessions must be booked early as there is limited availability.



Q. Do I need to book to attend a talk?

A. No. All talks are drop-in sessions so bookings are not required.



Q. How can I find out what talks are going to be at the show I am looking to attend?

A. If you go to the Speaker Timetable page on your preferred show, this will list all the current booked talks.





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